The Augmented Situational Awareness system that Intelcomm is designing together with the FAIR-SPACE Hub is at the cutting edge of information technology and knowledge and encompasses many state-of-the-art elements such as Real-Time Multi-Dimensional Computer Generated Modelling and Real-Time ‘Smart Sensors’ that continually monitor complex equipment. Like space applications, emerging fields in Connected and Automated Vehicles as well as mission critical systems for the Emergency Services have comparable requirements for real-time decision making support which will also benefit greatly from the FAIR-SPACE program.

Bob Buckle, CTO, Intelcomm (UK) Ltd

The ideal future for orbital robotics is to remove the debris that we’ve created in space and to build, assemble and manufacture satellites in orbit. Partnering with FAIR-SPACE who addresses industrial challenges in orbital robotics is really key for us as a commercial business, so we can look forward to moving more quickly than we would have done by ourselves.

Sir Martin Sweeting, Executive Chair, SSTL

FAIR-SPACE’s R&D is clearly closely aligned with European Space Agency’s vision on planetary robotics for future mission concepts such as Mars Sample Return, Sample Fetch Rover, Deep Space Gateway and several Lunar exploration ideas like Moon Village. Hence we find very important and useful to be an industry partner with FAIR-SPACE.

James Coates, Director, NEPTEC UK

Our work on AR/VR for aerospace, defence and marine, helps to reduce the risk of operating in dangerous conditions and helps to optimise operations  such as task planning and human-robot interaction. Therefore we look to FAIR-SPACE as a new business opportunity for the company but also to develop new partnerships to take our products forward.

Trevor Linn, CEO, Turbulent Designs